About Your Coach


A Little About the Coach

Hello, my name is Mary Ann. I’m the proud owner of Get Hooked Fitness. The company was created out of my love for boxing. My first experience with boxing came several years ago when the personal trainer I was working with walked over to me with a pair of gloves and mitts. I thought, “what the heck is this guy thinking.” I threw that first punch….well let’s say it was love at first punch. From there I watched all the how to videos I could find on boxing and earned certifications. I now work with a boxing trainer so I can continue to learn plus it’s fun!!

What Are My Qualifications

I know you may be thinking, what qualification does this chick have? 


I currently hold these certifications:

Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist with NESTA

Stress Management Coach with NESTA

Mental Toughness with NASM

Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer with The Boxing Fitness Institute

Certified Advanced Boxing Fitness Trainer with The Boxing Fitness Institute

Certified Tactix Instructor – NESTA

Online Coach with The Online Training Academy

I’m currently studying:

Wellness Coach with NESTA

Holistic Life Coach with NESTA

Once I’m done with those two, I have these lined up:

Mind and Body Fitness Coach with NESTA

Fitness Nutrition Coach with NESTA

Professional Speaker with NESTA

I would love to work with you.  Give me a call and let's get you started!

Follow my own weight loss journey at  http://nomorechubbytrainer.com/