Intro to our wellness program


A Little About the Coach

Hello, my name is Mary Ann. I’m the proud owner of Get Hooked Fitness. The company was created out of my love for boxing. My first experience with boxing came several years ago when the personal trainer I was working with walked over to me with a pair of gloves and mitts. I thought, “what the heck is this guy thinking.” I threw that first punch….well let’s say it was love at first punch. From there I watched all the how to videos I could find on boxing and earned certifications. I now work with a boxing trainer so I can continue to learn plus it’s fun!!

The ironic catch to all of this is I teach boxing for fitness and as you can see from my photo, I’m overweight. So if I’m working out with a boxing trainer and teaching boxing classes how can I be overweight? Stress eating!! I eat when I’m upset. I eat when I’m happy. I eat when I’m really tired and just don’t care what I do and the list goes on. Our minds control what we do but wouldn’t it be great to learn how to control our minds? WE CAN!! 

I'm the First Client

I’m in the process of creating a Wellness program for women only. You and I will team up to help you live your best life. We will work on weight loss but not with food plans. We are going to tackle the real issue which is our minds and dealing with our daily food triggers. In order for me to help all of you, I’ve become my first client for the program. Boy, am I tough one to deal with! However, I’m down 9 pounds and 2 and a half inches. Am I eating nothing but lettuce and yogurt, no way. I’m still eating what I want but I’ve found that I don’t eat junk as much as I did before and when I do I don’t eat the same amount as before. Just think what will happen when I get to the point of not wanting the junk food at all. WOW!!

Private Facebook Page

I’ve started a private Facebook page called Get Hooked Fitness – Mind and Body Wellness Program. You do not have to be part of the Wellness program to join this page. I wanted a place where all of us can help each other with our daily struggles and our weight loss journey. I post weekly videos on how I’m doing on the program. I would love your thoughts and support as I work through my daily struggles.

Click here to join:

What Are My Qualifications

I know you may be thinking, what qualification does this chick have to tell me how to deal with my life and help me lose weight? Once again, I call your attention to the picture on this page. I’m right there will all of you ladies. I’m living the same life (more or less) as you. So when I say to you, “I know how you feel” I really do know how you feel. Plus, I’m not creating this program and just throwing it out there to make money not knowing if it will work. I’m actually living the program right now. 


I currently hold these certifications:

Lifestyle and Weight Management Specialist with NESTA

Stress Management Coach with NESTA

Mental Toughness with NASM

Certified Boxing Fitness Trainer with The Boxing Fitness Institute

Certified Advanced Boxing Fitness Trainer with The Boxing Fitness Institute

Certified Tactix Instructor – NESTA

I’m currently studying for these certifications:

Wellness Coach with NESTA

Online Coach with The Online Training Academy

Once I’m done with those two, I have these lined up:

Holistic Life Coach with NESTA

Mind and Body Fitness Coach with NESTA

Fitness Nutrition Coach with NESTA

Professional Speaker with NESTA


So this chick may know something about Wellness after all. 

Click the link below to join our private Facebook group and become a member of a community for women who want to better their lives and themselves.