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Boxing classes for women in cleveland

About Us


What We Do

Get Hooked Fitness offers half hour boxing classes for women only in Cleveland and surrounding areas. Don't worry, there is no contact with each other.  You will use a free standing heavy bag.  We will teach you the proper way to throw a punch as well as work on your cardio.  You will be amazed on how boxing isn't just a physical sport but a mental one as well.



Why We Are Different

Have you ever bought a one on one session with a trainer?  I'm sure you paid close to $100 or more for an hour.  You won't pay that with Get Hooked Fitness.  We offer small classes (no more than 8 clients per class) so we can give each one of you our attention for way less than $100 an hour.  We will make sure your form is correct and we will push you to go beyond your limits.  We are located in a private residence which means less distractions.  Also, these classes are for women only because let me tell you ladies, we are NOT the weaker sex!  Give us a call and see for yourself why we are different from the rest.  One punch and you will be Hooked!



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